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As the name suggests, EverEdge Custom is made to order to your individual design requirements and specification. Whatever length, height, thickness or finish you need, we can make it.

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Which Colour?

Mild Steel – a naturally weathering steel that is allowed to rust. Although the lifespan of mild steel is shorter than the other options, you can still expect many years of use.

Galvanised Steel – mild steel that is treated with a layer of zinc to prevent rusting. The zinc layer protects the steel, and any product made with a galvanised finish can be expected to last a lifetime.

Powder Coated – Powder coating is the method we use to paint our products. A coloured polyester powder is applied to galvanised steel and then baked in an oven to give it a hard and durable finish. Our standard range of colours is brown, black, slate, green and unpainted, however, we have recently supplied edging in red, white and blue.

Corten Steel – This is a steel which looks very similar to mild steel. It will arrive on site a dull grey and, over the course of around 3-6 months form a rusty patina. This patina protects the basic steel underneath and prevents it from breaking down. Corten gives you a rustic look without the fear of the steel losing its strength.

Need to


EverEdge Custom is made to order. It can be made to your exact design specification, to meet your requirements exactly.

EverEdge have a team of experts who can advise on the best way to make virtually anything in a variety of steel products. Edging for any specification can be quoted for in a variety shapes and sizes as can planters, rolled rings and wall claddings.

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