EverEdge range

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EverEdge Classic is the durable, flexible and simple solution to maintaining clean and permanent garden edges.

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High Quality Steel Planters

We offer a range of planters in various shapes, sizes and finishes. Shop our range of ready made planters, or create your own with our custom builder.

Why EverEdge?

Easy to install

Interlocking tabbed joining system to connect sections


EverEdge can be bent, curved and formed to almost any shape


Strong, weather resistant, maintenance free and lasts for decades

Flexible Steel Lawn Edging

EverEdge flexible steel lawn edging is the solution to the age old problem of maintaining neat edges for lawns, drives, paths, driveways and flower or vegetable beds. Being flexible, it curves or bends easily to virtually any radius or angle to fit any shaped lawn, path or bed. EverEdge lawn edging can be used in a variety of soil conditions and, once it’s installed, is tough, weather resistant and maintenance free.

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