Why Choose EverEdge CorTen Steel?

EverEdge have been manufacturing steel landscaping products for 25 years and, in that time, have seen an explosion in the use of CorTen steel. So why choose EverEdge CorTen Steel products?

Contractors and specifiers must always look to balance aesthetics and practicalities on any project. To stand the test of time, the materials used in a design must look good on the day they are installed, and for many years after. It is why at EverEdge we have seen an explosion in the volume of CorTen steel products being specified.

Over the last 10 years, CorTen has become the most commonly specified material for large scale public projects. It is also becoming ever more popular in private gardens. CorTen steel is the perfect material for outdoor applications where it will be exposed to changing weather patterns. In public spaces, EverEdge CorTen steel planters and edging are low maintenance and durable. The material works well in both contemporary and traditional installations.

EverEdge produce CorTen steel planters and landscape edging products for roof gardens and podiums, public and private buildings. With over 25 years of experience manufacturing steel products for the landscape industry, EverEdge are able to design and manufacture CorTen steel to virtually any specification.

EverEdge sell off the shelf CorTen products from small pre-formed rings for edging around trees and shrubs up to heavy duty landscape edging products for driveways, paths and hard and soft landscaping. Planters, cladding and steel walls can be custom made to specification.

Contact us to discuss your project and to see how EverEdge CorTen steel can complement your designs.