Not so Frequently Asked Questions

We love our customers, each and every one of them. Sometimes though we do get asked some interesting questions.

Some of our customers are engineers or designers and they can ask some excellent, technical questions. Other times the questions we are asked are, to be polite, a little less thought through.

Here are some examples of these conversations from the last few years.

“I bought 10 packs of EverEdge from you last week to edge a path, I need another 10 packs.” – “Have you extended the path?” – “No, I forgot that there are two sides to my path”.

“I need to edge 120 square metres; how much will it be?” – “Do you mean linear metres?” – “Linear, square… same difference”.

“I have assembled my Garden Ring; how do I get it over the tree?”

“These Garden Rings you sell, are they round?”

“I need to put EverEdge around my chicken run to stop the hens kicking gravel onto the lawn.” – “How high do they kick the gravel?” – “You tell me.” – “But they are your chickens, we have never seen them!”

And finally, my personal favourite

“You say on your website that EverEdge can be bent to a right angle. All my corners go left, will it still work?”