Do I need a Pin and Sleeve?

The EverEdge Pin and Sleeve is an excellent alternative to concrete haunching but is not required on every installation.

Do I need a Pin and Sleeve? It is a question we are asked often. The EverEdge Pin and Sleeve consists of a robust plastic sleeve to slide up any spike on the EverEdge Classic or ProEdge range and a 350 x 10mm rebar. The system is used to provide extra ground anchorage, especially in poor ground conditions. The system is a cheaper and more convenient option than using concrete haunching.

Using the Pin & Sleeve accessory is rarely necessary when used with the Classic or ProEdge 75 and 100mm heights.  The 100mm long spikes (on all depths) incorporated into the edging provides excellent anchorage, but the edging will only be as good as the ground it is installed in.

The higher the upstand (the visible part of the edging above ground), the more vulnerable the edging is.  We advise it is used with the 150mm depth and also, possibly, with the 125mm.  Straight lengths of edging are more vulnerable than curved areas

Use in poor (loose/newly laid) soil, stony or rubble filled ground and where there is the possibility of excess pressure being exerted on the edging either during the installation (rollers etc) or during its lifetime (light vehicles, heavy mowers and wheelbarrows, public places where people are likely to stand on the edges).

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