EverEdge Titan Mini

EverEdge Mini Titan is a heavy-duty steel edging. Available in 1.15m lengths, the Mini Titan range is the perfect edging choice for smaller projects that require a thicker, deeper edge. The Mini Titan range can be used to create raised beds or to edge steep banks.

Mini Titan is supplied in 1.15 metre lengths.

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Final shipping will be calculated at checkout. Most smaller orders will be delivered on a standard transit van. Larger orders which need to be shipped by pallet are delivered to kerbside on an 18 tonne lorry.

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As a standard EverEdge supplies a 10mm rebar pin just over double the depth of the edging. In rough ground longer pins may be required and can be produced to order.

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Thickness: 2. 5mm
Length: 1150mm
Depths: 150 – 300mm

Our overlap means you will need to add 4% to the total metreage that you require.

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Why Choose Titan Mini?

Perfect for smaller projects that require a deeper, thicker edge
Ideally suited for raised beds and steep banks
A quick and straight forward product to install compared to concrete or granite curbs

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NBS Product Specification

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