Mild Steel

Mild steel is the raw form of steel as it comes out of the mill. It is untreated and will rust over a period of time.

All conditions are different but, depending on the thickness of the material used, on average mild steel will last between 5 – 8 years.

Hot Dip Galvanised Steel

Mild steel can be treated with a layer of zinc to protect it from weathering.

Zinc is made up of a number of properties which prevent it from oxidising making it the ideal material to coat and protect mild steel.

Powder Coated

All EverEdge products can be powder coated in a variety of colours to match virtually any design.

Powder coating is a process where a heavy duty polyester powder is sprayed onto the steel before it is baked in a very hot oven, a process that bonds the powder to the steel. The most popular colour for EverEdge edging is brown as it mimics the natural edge of a lawn or flowerbed.

Cor-Ten Steel

Cor-Ten is designed to rust but, unlike mild steel, not break down. A layer of rust forms around the raw steel underneath, effectively protecting it from further weathering.

Most Cor-Ten steel products will be supplied in their raw steel form and will take up to 5 months to form the rusty patina which will give the reddy, orange finish. No rusty pattern is identical to another so every corten steel item will have a completely unique finish.