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EverEdge Classic on a New Build Lawn

Sometimes it is just worth copying and pasting a message received from a customer. Not all installations will be the same and customers may need to adapt the installation tips to suit their own projects.

We would always advise calling us to discuss tips and tricks to help installation go smoothly.

In the below instance, the customer was installing the edging into heavily compacted ground and, in his own words...

"Thanks for very prompt delivery. Installation went very much to plan and forming the angles was even easier than your video demonstration.

I would like to comment that your video shows installation on soft ground.

My installation was cutting new beds into ground that had been turfed by builders following a new build where the soil was extremely compacted. As a result I had to modify the installation procedure slightly. Firstly the cut soil edge had to be cleared to a depth at least equal to the depth of the edging. Driving the spikes home was sufficient challenge without driving the steel bottom edge  onto compacted soil . Secondly the tip of placing a foot on the previous join didn't work for me. Solved this by using Mole grip to clamp the join when driving the sections to level......."


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