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Looks Great, Nice Neat Joints

Here we can see a project in Oxfordshire using EverEdge 150mm deep ProEdge steel edging in an unpainted, galvanised finish. The bed required just 7.5m of edging to be installed in a wavy pattern.

EverEdge ProEdge is 2.5m long and 2.5mm thick. Although much thicker than the standard Classic range, the extra length ensure that the steel keeps its flexibility. The curves in this design were easily formed.

The most challenging aspect of this installation was the very rocky ground. EverEdge ProEdge has rows of 'teeth' which are knocked into the ground. Where the ground is very rocky this can create some difficulties. The way around it is to do exactly what this customer did and to dig a trench, drop the edging into position, and back fill the soil. There may be a little extra work at the beginning of the installation but the benefits of digging the trench are soon realised.

The Architects, AJP Architects Ltd, who designed the whole project were delighted with the finished look. In their words - "Looks great, nice neat joints".


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