Mrs Carol Rubinstein

Mrs Carol Rubinstein bought EverEdge ProEdge for her house in Dumfries and Galloway. The finished design was stunning and Mrs Rubinstein agreed to answer some questions for us.

Mrs Carol Rubinstein bought some EverEdge ProEdge in a slate grey finish for her own garden in Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway. Although this edging was for her own garden, Mrs Rubinstein has a background in garden design and had a very clear idea of what she wanted to accomplish.

The house and garden provided such a great backdrop, and the design was so well thought out that we wanted to get some feedback on why Mrs Rubinstein decided to go with EverEdge, and how she found the product. Mrs Rubinstein very kindly agreed to answer a few questions and here are her unedited responses.

Q. Why did you choose EverEdge?

A. Given the design I had come up with I knew I needed a robust, flexible edging. I had looked at EverEdge previously so it was my first choice for this garden.

Q. How did you find the service provided by EverEdge and the ongoing support?

A. I have been very pleased with the advice and service I’ve had from EverEdge. Your advice was really useful in working out which sizes would be best and the order arrived the day after I ordered it. It was lucky that we had some large, strong builders on hand to unload as I think I might have struggled otherwise….

Q. You have very rocky ground. How did you overcome this problem?

A. As the contractors had been on site doing the other groundworks for the extension, we knew what we were dealing with and between us we worked out the best way to put in the edging. We did use more pegs than we were advised and we soon realised that it was easier to dig out a trench for each length of edging and backfill after putting in the pins.

Q. Are you happy with the edging now that the installation is complete?

A. I’m very pleased with the edging. Despite the difficulty of installation it hasn’t moved at all and is firmly in place. The paths are granite chippings which are contained between the edging and the sections which abut the lawn are easy to mow up to and edge. The grey colour works very well with the granite.

Q. Do you have any other comments that would be helpful to others considering EverEdge?

A. Although EverEdge is not a cheap option, compared with any other edging withwhich I’m familiar, I think it’s definitely worth it. I’m planning on being in this garden for a long time and I’m hopeful that it will see me out. 

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Slate Grey
100mm x 2500mm x 2.5mm
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