Monks Bridge Estate

Chris Dunn is estate manager at Monks Bridge, a former vicarage in rural Warwickshire. He’s been responsible for the redesign and running of the property’s Victorian grounds since 2015, transforming them from a dilapidated state into stunning gardens that blend tradition with contemporary design. Talking about EverEdge, Chris’ comments:

“As an experienced horticulturist, I was already familiar with lighter-grade EverEdge products, but it was during our ‘Parterre’ project in 2017 that the benefits of its heavier-duty EverEdge became particularly clear.

EverEdge is great in a straight line, but really comes into its own defining the design elements that the project demanded. From perfect circles and crisp edges, to sweeping curves and tight corners, the product was a dream to work with.

In terms of budget, the simplicity and speed of installation meant EverEdge was more cost-effective than stone edging, and its longevity justified any increased costs against a timber edge.  We opted for 150mm deep edging with sleeves and pins for our paths, which regularly facilitate ATVs and tractors.  This option was robust enough for us to install a sub-base and work from these paths when needed.  

Fast-forward to today, and the gardens are now maturing. EverEdge continues to prevent gravel seepage, providing a perfectly smooth edge to keep a crisp edge to the lawn. I’m confident that the product will perform for many years, and that EverEdge will continue to be my preferred choice.  Not only is the product great, but the company’s knowledge is exceptional and its customer service excellent.”

Project Detail

150mm x 2500mm x 2.5mm
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