EverEdge Titan in Hereford

EverEdge Titan used for a unique garden design in Hereford

For this project Roger Watkins decided to use EverEdge Titan to border this fantastic design in his garden in Hereford.

Each individual length of Titan Roger used was 150mm in depth, 2500mm in length, with a thickness of 2.5mm. Roger also opted for the unpainted finish for a natural metal look. EverEdge Titan was perfect for creating this solid and permanent border, with the flexibility of the product allowing it to be curved and shaped as he wished. To securely anchor the Titan into the ground, Titan uses rebar which attach into the lugs on the back face of each individual piece.

Once the Titan was installed, Roger decided to install a small garden pond and a variety of garden plants and ornaments to complete his design. This goes to show that with the right vison, determination and hard work anyone can create a professional looking garden.

Project Detail

150mm x 2500mm x 2.5mm
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