EverEdge Classic at the Lighthouse

Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk

Chris has so kindly put a few words together for us to tell us his experience with using EverEdge Classic for the first time:

“I had not used EverEdge before, so I was very intrigued when my client #thelighthousewintertononsea asked me to regenerate the beds and define them with EverEdge.”

“Being a first-time user I was keen to take advice from the sales team, they happily steered me through the options, I subsequently decided on the 125mm as the ground is rather sandy, the Lighthouse is a holiday home so it was very important the edging stood firm. 

I set up a trade account, the product was ordered, with super quick delivery. 

Excited to crack on with the project, we did exactly that, EverEdge was so simple to install, I used a length of 4×2 to bend the EverEdge to the 90degree angles, it was also pretty simple to bend to shape and follow the design shape of the beds.

The beds are now super defined and make a great statement, helping to make the gardens at the Lighthouse as amazing as the Lighthouse itself.”

Installation of EverEdge Classic by Coastal Property Support Services.

For more information on EverEdge Classic Steel edging, click here.


NBS Product Specification

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