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Celebrating @kerianne_fitzpatrick and @tjkennedy_design  Gold Win at BBC Gardeners World Live! 🥇

A big congratulations is in order for Kerianne and TJ, who have astounded the crowd at BBC Gardeners World Live with their incredible award-winning garden design, named ‘The Beauty in Small Spaces.’ They have truly brought their vision to life.

The featured design was an exquisite display that made clever use of limited space, demonstrating how beauty can flourish in even the smallest of gardens. Kerianne and TJ’s attention to detail and horticultural expertise shone through in every aspect of their creation.

One crucial element that contributed to the success of their design was the use of EverEdge Cor-Ten Classic edging. With its 150mm dimension, it provides a distinct frame for the garden, keeping the plants in place and enhancing the overall aesthetic. The Cor-Ten material added a touch of rustic charm, seamlessly blending with the surrounding greenery.

Visitors were delighted to witness how the edging perfectly complemented the beautiful selection of plants, creating a harmonious and cohesive look. The experience of strolling through the garden was enhanced by the presence of the EverEdge edging, giving definition to the various sections and adding structure to the overall design.

Kerianne and TJ’s triumph at BBC Gardeners World Live is a testament to their dedication and creativity. Their ability to showcase the beauty and potential of small spaces is an inspiration to gardeners everywhere, proving that limitations should never hinder one’s creativity and passion for horticulture.

We applaud their unwavering commitment and talent in transforming a small plot into a breathtaking oasis. Their thoughtful design choices and meticulous execution have rightfully earned them the prestigious Gold award at BBC Gardeners World Live.

Well done, Kerianne and TJ! ✨🏅✨

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