Trade Show FAQ’s

Trade Shows 2020 – FAQs

We are busy filling out application forms for our round of 2020 trade shows and it has made us think, what are the most commonly asked questions we receive at the shows.

Q.  Is it plastic?

A.  No, No and No! EverEdge is manufactured in prime quality steel.

Q.  Is it flexible?

A.  Yes. This is one of the key qualities of EverEdge. It can be flexed to virtually any shape.

Q.  How long will it last?

A.  It is very difficult to put an exact life expectancy on EverEdge. As a general rule you should expect over 20 years.

Q.  How do you make a corner?

A.  By hand, simply bend the edging around a sharp surface such as a work bench.

We spend a lot of time chatting at shows to new and existing customers and are given some really interesting queries but I think all of us end up repeating the answers to these questions in our sleep after we get back home.

Anyway, we look forward to catching up and will update keep you updated with our trade show plans as the year goes on.