New Roll Top Titan

New rolled top steel edging designed by EverEdge for use anywhere where your edging needs to stand proud of the ground or for installations that require an even tougher edging than normal.

New for Autumn 2021, we have released a modified version of our Titan steel edging with a rolled top edge. The rolled top edge increases the rigidity of the edging and is perfect for installations where the edging is designed to stand proud of the ground.

Traditionally we have recommended installing the top of our edging flush with the ground/turf. With the CorTen range this was particularly important as an exposed edge on an untreated steel can be quite sharp. By rolling over the top edge, the exposed part of the steel is smoothed over and much safer in gardens where pets or children may play.

Because of the roll top, the edging is more rigid, but still flexible enough to do gentle curves. For sharp 90 degree corners, the rolled top will need to be scored/cut.

As an initial option, we have manufactured this new style in 100mm high CorTen steel.

CorTen Steel with a rolled safety edge

This new range of EverEdge Titan landscape edging is designed for use in both domestic and commercial projects. It is perfect for garden borders anywhere where the edging needs to stand proud. The roll top also ensures an even more robust edging making it ideal for use on driveways and in high traffic commercial settings. Each piece of edging is joined to the next with a simple back plate and bolt system for a quick and easy installation.

The EverEdge Roll Top Titan edging in 100mm depth is now available. It is shipped on a 2.5m pallet which makes the delivery a minimum of £95 + VAT. Because of this we recommend a minimum order of 50m. However, smaller orders can be accommodated.

At RHS Chelsea 2021 we have also given a soft launch to a new range of rolled top Classic steel edging. This edging will be going into production this autumn and will be ready for sale in time for the new season.

For more information on either the Titan or Classic ranges, please call or email and talk to one of our sales team.