The pros and pros of EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging

The myriad benefits of lawn edging

There are so many reasons to edge a lawn with EverEdge steel lawn edging – besides the fact that it looks great. We have listed the top 5 below.

  1. The border edge is kept neat and tidy. No matter how well designed a garden is, untidy edges can ruin the overall effect and spoil a nice lawn.
  2. Edging can provide a barrier to plant, weed and grass roots migrating across a border. EverEdge is available in a variety of depths so, if you are buying an edging system. specifically to keep plants or grass at bay then be sure to choose the most suitable depth. Many non-British varieties of grasses require a much deeper edging system than what we are used to in the UK. The advice in Australia, for example, is to bury around 30mm of the edging to prevent grass roots spreading into the border. In the UK, one of the worst offenders is couch grass whose roots can stretch down as much as 200mm.
  3. Mulch and stone are kept in check. This is especially important when edging around trees and shrubs in lawns. See our article on tree mulching here.
  4. Enhances and keeps the original design shape. EverEdge lawn edging is the ideal unobtrusive product to help create definition between different areas of a garden. Although most customers will choose to have their edging brown, other colour choices are available to suit any and all designs.
  5. Zero maintenance/upkeep. Once installed, EverEdge lawn edging products require no maintenance. Installed correctly, it is possible to mow right up to, and over, EverEdge and the entire range will stand up to most mowers, including tractor mowers. Once installed, it is easily kept tidy with a pair of trimming shears or a strimmer. Speak to one of the EverEdge team to discuss the proper way to install.

EverEdge has been manufacturing steel edging products for over 20 years. Tap into that experience and speak with a member of our team to discuss a proper EverEdge installation for your garden. Across that 20+ years we have come across most types of lawn and ground conditions and are happy to advise on what product would be the most suitable to your project.

Call us on 01630 417120 (option 1) to talk to one of the team.