Positive feedback from Belgium

Great feedback from a customer in Belgium who bought through our Belgian supplier.

We received some wonderful feedback from a customer in Belgium who bought EverEdge through our Belgian supplier. EverEdge are lucky to have an great network of suppliers all around the world who provide consistently excellent service to our customers.

We know how hard all of our suppliers work to provide the best service but it is always good to hear back from customers and the below feedback is a particularly positive reflection of Callens Montauban.

“I don’t do social media, but I did want to share with you how utterly delighted I am with your product and with the service provided by your overseas distributor – Callens.

I live in Belgium but was quite prepared to pay high shipping costs, just so that I could get my hands on some edging! I used the contact form on this site and within a couple of hours had managed to place my first order.

I say first because this stuff is addictive, I got carried away, and needed to place extra orders!

So easy to use and a beautiful finish. I love it so much I’ve “had” to create a new flower bed and create a path around the greenhouse!

All of this took place in the depths of what has been a very restrictive lockdown – which makes the service of your supplier even more admirable.

Many thanks to you all.”