News from the Sales Frontline

Views of the sales team on an excellent 2019

It never ceases to impress us how pleasant and appreciative EverEdge customers are (whether private purchasers or landscapers), even when things go wrong, which they do every now and again, be they delayed deliveries, missing fixings or short deliveries.

In 2019 the garden rings became a boon to those with trees and orchards, reducing the chore of mowing and minimising the bruising of young trees. Demand went from the low hundreds to several thousand. There was also a noticeable rise in the requests for Corten edging as customers sought the rusty/rustic look for borders and driveways. Sales of Corten rose fourfold.

One thing always intrigues us. That is the number of designers/landscape architects who specify 6mm Titan edging, expecting the landscaper to flex it into curves or bend it into corners on site. 6mm doesn’t seem very thick, but it is nigh impossible to install in anything but a straight line.

We do get to laugh as well. In 2019 several customers ordered edging for garden and woodland paths, giving the precise metreage required, but then coming back for a repeat order because they forgot that a path has two sides! Or the customer who called to say that he had assembled a 600mm diameter garden ring, but wondered how to get it over the top of the tree.

Then there are those who are landscaping the garden of a newly built house, order their EverEdge only to discover that a mere two inches below the surface there is a 12 inch impenetrable layer of builders’ rubble.

But perhaps the most surprising call came from a lady in Reading who asked whether the teeth should be pointing skywards or buried in the ground. We suggested that it depended on whether she was trying to deter burglars or edge her front lawn.