More News from the frontline sales team

News from the EverEdge front.

It is now about self-isolation, the question is how does it impact on EverEdge. On the sales desk we chat to customers as well as take orders and action despatches.

It seems that people are looking for something to occupy themselves in lockdown, you can only watch so much daytime TV (although we have heard that Netflix subscriptions have risen by nearly 15%).

Well the beneficiaries seem to be gardening, decorating and personal memoirs! All achievable without breaking the self-imposed isolation. All you need are tools and equipment. Calls to the sales team seem to be undiminished, sales of paint are rumoured to have risen sharply and there may well be a blip in self-publishing in the months to come. Not every cloud comes without a silver (or should I say galvanised steel) lining.