Lockdown Gardens

Lockdown gardening became a feature of 2020 with EverEdge customers installing steel edging in gardens across the country.

From March and right through the summer, the vast majority of people in the UK were at home either on the furlough scheme or working out of their kitchens and bedrooms. All this time at home meant people spent more time looking at their lockdown gardens and what needed doing.

Many people took the opportunity to work on their gardens and do jobs ranging from a quick tidy to a total remodel. At EverEdge we were delighted to be a part of these gardens with our steel edging often being used as the finishing touch. Our customers are rightly proud of their gardens and have been sending us photos of their work. We have collated some of these pictures here.

It has been a pleasure for us to see these photos. Gardening has been, and still is, a lifeline for many who have been stuck at home. There gardens have been worked on by people of all ages, ranging from their 20s up to their 70s. If you have a lockdown garden project, send us your photos and we will add them to our gallery.