Large Gold at the Shrewsbury Flower Show

Carol Seager wins with EverEdge

Congratulations are in order for Carol Seager who won a Large Gold and the Mike Howe Memorial Trophy for best outdoor show garden at the 2018 Shrewsbury Flower Show.

The garden was designed by Carol for the Shrewsbury Humanist Society. titled ‘Dawn til Dusk’ the garden is a beautiful reflection of passing time and a floral celebration of life and the many milestones we pass along the way.

We at EverEdge were particularly invested in the garden as Carol had opted to use EverEdge Titan steel landscape edging to create two large circles. We also custom made a steel section for the water feature that was the centerpiece of the design.

I spoke with Carol after the show who said that she was “delighted with the product, it went together really well”. Carol opted to have the edging finished in a bronze powder coating and we think it, and the whole garden, look great.

Carol is currently studying an online course in garden design so congratulation and good luck with all your future endeavors. We look forward to seeing the many wonderful gardens you will create in the years to come.