2020’s – the green decade

Looking ahead to a new decade, what can we do to be greener?

Gardeners really do never stop. We came back to work on 2nd January to a number of orders that were placed over the Christmas holiday, including one placed at 3pm on Christmas day when I was just sitting down to my lunch.

We now roar ahead into the 20’s where we confidently predict the return of the flapper dress and the pocket watch.

At EverEdge we look at the 2020’s as an opportunity to improve our green credentials as much as we can. In the last decade EverEdge has :

  • Cut back hugely on the amount of plastic we use by stripping away plastic pallet wrap for our stored pallets and the nylon strapping we used to use to seal closed the packs of edging.
  • Ensured UK supply of our entire range of materials and packaging except for the nuts and bolts which still come from China. We will investigate whether we can source our nuts and bolts in the UK.
  • Looked at delivering all pallets on a groupage system as opposed to dedicated vehicles.
  • Continued to source steel from recycled material as much as possible.

We are dedicated throughout the next decade to continue to find ways to be
greener. We would like to eliminate pallet wrap completely and will
search for a more environmentally friendly way of protecting goods in
transit. In fact, we plan to look at all of our packaging to see if any improvements can be made to sourcing all of our materials.

We also plan to highlight more clearly to customers how and where EverEdge packaging and parts can be recycled.

On a smaller scale, we are looking at what we can do day to day. We are switching lights off in the office in the middle of the day when the sun provides all the light that we need and are much stricter with the heating controls (within reason). Some members of staff now cycle into work in the summer months and car pool when possible.

The overall impact we at EverEdge have on the environment is relatively small, but that does not mean we are not obligated to do all we can to help protect our beautiful planet.

Happy New Year – may it be full of joy and happiness