We want to save you money on your EverEdge lawn edging.

Quality not quantity. It is an old saying but it remains as relevant today as it ever was.

The best lawn edging for your garden is not always the most expensive. Let us give you the benefit of over 25 years in the business to help you choose the right product for your garden.

EverEdge lawn edging has been produced in the UK for over 25 years. Most garden owners want the best and this leads many to over specify when making enquiries. For instance, a lot of callers request 2.5mm thick lawn edging on the assumption that the thicker the steel, the longer lasting and more robust it will be. However, when deciding which of our products is most suitable and cost effective, there are many criteria. The ease of installation, flexibility to create curves and corners, the cost of shipping and visibility to name but four.

Our call handlers, all of whom have experience of installing EverEdge in their own gardens, can and do advise. You would be surprised how many times we persuade customers to take a less expensive option – in fact, instead of upselling, we are masters and mistresses of ‘downselling’!

It is always worth having a chat with us before committing to an order. You never know, it could save you money, which could then be spent on wine and cakes! In the mean time, have a look through the EverEdge lawn edging product range and our frequently asked questions.