EverEdge in Austria

EverEdge edging products used in an Austrian garden.

EverEdge steel landscape edging products are delivered all over the world on a weekly basis. We love to be sent pictures from jobs installed overseas so that we can see what, if anything, we are doing differently in our gardens.

These pictures come from a customer in Austria who has been buying EverEdge for 4 years as he does up parts of his garden. Other than the gorgeous Austrian mountains, this is actually a very English style garden. No surprise I suppose as the customer comes every year to be inspired by the garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The customer has used a mixture of products, all painted slate grey. In some areas he has opted for EverEdge Classic 1m sections but has plumped for the heavier duty ProEdge range in others. Around the tree in the lawn, he has used a pre-formed EverEdge Garden Ring.

I think the garden looks great. Using the Slate EverEdge, as opposed to the usual brown, makes the edging stand out a little more, especially against the green lawn.