EverEdge Halestem – Corners

How to bend a Halestem corner

The EverEdge Halestem range is proving a very popular product for installations around the country where an L shaped edging product is required. Used primarily on hard landscaping jobs, the Halestem range is quick and easy to fit alongside tarmac, resin bonded surfaces and paving.

We are often asked if corners can be created out of Halestem pieces of if a separate corner piece is need. Take a look at the pictures above and you will see that a 90 degree corner can be formed by hand. This is how I bent these corners.

This is the deepest version at 150mm and therefore the hardest to manually bend so I clamped this to a work table. This isn’t necessary on the smaller sizes.

The job is made easier by taking a small nick out of the bottom of the vertical edge where it bends into the base.

It is only possible to bend the Halestem between the base castellations.