EverEdge EasyBed Raised Bed

EasyBed Raised bed on a North facing slope.

One of our sales team has taken the opportunity during lockdown to install an EverEdge Steel Raised Bed system.

Growing your own at a time when we should all be avoiding going out makes perfect sense so, here, in his own words, are the thoughts of Mark…

We’re on a north-facing slope, so I needed to dig into the bank to get it flat.

It’s obviously not full of soil yet – waiting for some more to arrive in the next week or so, and under the compost you can see is ‘Lasagne Bed’.  I subscribe to The Idler magazine and have access to their wonderful ‘Academy’ courses, one of which is 8 x 30min episodes of Alys Fowler: The Idler Guide to Growing Vegetables and Herbs (https://www.idler.co.uk/product/online-course-the-idler-guide-to-growing-vegetables-and-herbs-with-alys-fowler/)  The first episode is on the Lasagne no-dig method: On flat land, put a layer of cardboard (EasyBed boxes are perfect), get them nice & wet, then 25mm of grass clippings, semi-composted material or anything worms will love. Another layer of wet cardboard, weigh it down with sticks or mulch then leave it for a few months, by which time the worms will have done their magic and you’ll have a soft bed.

I’ve cheated, so I’ve dumped compost on top of the lasagne as I will need to plant soon, but you can plant straight through the card if you need to.