Covid-19 Update

Keep up to date with any COVID19 updates from EverEdge on this page. We will post any news here first.

Update 19.02.2021 – Steel Shortages

Global steel shortages are having an impact on our ability to manufacture the EverEdge range. Throughout the spring and early summer we anticipate there being delays to certain stock items.

We currently have limited stocks of the below products.

EasyBed – The EverEdge EasyBed is likely to be out of stock for the foreseeable future.

Garden Rings – The CorTen range of EverEdge Garden Rings will be limited in stock until mid to late March. Some of the painted options are also very limited. Contact our sales team for live stock levels.

Classic – The CorTen range of EverEdge Classic will be limited in stock until mid to late March.


Update 05.11.2020 – Open for business

England goes into national lockdown today. EverEdge have worked hard to ensure that we are covid secure both in terms of our working practices and in ensuring we have a functioning supply chain. Unlike the UK wide lockdown earlier in the year, we do not currently expect any significant disruption to our abilty to manufacture and supply EverEdge products.

Some stocks still remian tight as we have rebuilt after lockdown restrictions eased in the summer but most orders of standard EverEdge products can be supplied within a week of ordering. Contact our sales team for any up to date stock levels.

To ensure the country gets through this as quickly as possible, please continue to follow all Government advice. Wash and sanitise your hands, wear a face covering and maintain space.

We will get through this.