Why have we closed the shop to new deliveries (for now)?

Ah, now here’s a topic in all our thoughts at EverEdge. 

Whilst we have hit peak season and prepared in advance to keep our warehouse well stocked along comes Corona Virus. Boris tells us to stay in and only go out for essential reasons to curb the spread of this disease and to help the NHS. 

Staying at home during the spring is not such a bad idea and gives us time to get the jobs done which we keep putting off (if we’re not working from home) and, if the weather permits gives us time in our gardens which is most beneficial. This is when many of you decide to buy EverEdge and who can blame you!The question we need to ask is ‘is it essential’? 

As we came into work on Monday 23rd March it was clear many of you had listened to Boris that weekend and prepared, we took an overwhelming amount of orders via the website – a record in fact by miles. Literally miles of edging left our warehouse that day filling the 18 tonne collection vehicle. Our warehouse team just about managed picking and packing all orders ready for collection that afternoon. But by Tuesday after Boris’s announcement the previous evening to ‘lock down’ – a member of our team had to self isolate and we took the decision to keep apart as much as possible, working from home where possible and skeleton staff in the office. Looking after our employees, ourselves and members of our families is of paramount importance. 

So, if we were taking heed of Boris what did that mean for the couriers and haulage firms? 

The priority is for medical and food supplies to pass through the network for us, the general public but they too are experiencing staff shortages whilst hitting their peak (which normally happens at Christmas). New regulations put in place instructing drivers to not have physical contact with members of the public, no signing their hand held POD devices and only one attempt for each delivery would mean many being sent back to us. Depots are at full capacity and with the knowledge that at least one depot has had to close temporarily it really made us question what good we are doing swamping the system with ‘non essential’ items. 

We at EverEdge are in contact (non physical I might add) with the couriers and haulage firms and as soon as we feel the time is right we will be opening up the ‘shop’ and shipping. 

In the meantime keep an eye on the website for our daily updates and talky bits, and remember we are all in this together, the sooner we all work towards the common good of each other the sooner we will be back to business as usual.