Custom Raised Beds

What to grow in your custom raised beds this February!

Get your custom raised beds today so your grass doesn’t intrude upon your flower beds!

Shown are two large raised beds in Slate to match the surrounding garden pieces. The customer requested that the bottom edge be tapered with all corners set at different heights. Each panel and corner were made bespoke. The customer has put in geraniums, lavender, dahlia, gypsophylia, rosemary and many more. 

The best things to sow in February are;

Broad Beans – these beans are easy to grow throughout the year. Sow 5cm deep and 15cm apart. Yields 6-12 pods per plant. 

Carrots – these vegetables flourish in an open, sunny site with well-drained soil. Sow your seeds 1.5cm deep and approximately 15cm apart. 

Leeks – sow seeds thinly, 1cm deep, in rows 15cm apart. Leeks can be sown on two occasions: early February or late spring. 

Peas – sow seedlings in warm soil and cover with a fleece. Seeds should be sown 6cm apart in a flat-bottomed trench which is 5cm deep. 

 Chilli & aubergine – sow in modules and leave to germinate in a spot kept between 18 and 21 degrees from February to April. 

Brussels sprouts – sow your seeds 1cm deep and 15cm apart, distribute thinly. Choose a sheltered site to protect from strong winds. 

Cabbage – sow seeds 1.25cm deep in rows spaced 15cm apart. Consider which variety to sow based on when you’d like to harvest. 

Tomatoes – these are simple to grow from seed. Begin indoors and leave on a windowsill or keep the pots warm by covering with a plastic bag. 

The nitty gritty details…

We offered a Titan style raised bed using 2.5m lengths where possible,which were secured together on the inside of the bed and the corner pieces were made to size. The edging was made from 4mm galvanised steel and powder coated the standard EverEdge Slate. It was buried below ground level by 5cm. The size of the beds are 7000mm x 3000mm.