Creative Names

We just love a creative name in our creative industry. Our chief salesman has been scouring the internet for some of his favourites.

Further news on Creative names for Landscapers that we have come across at EverEdge

I thought I would do some more research on landscaping company names and found the following in the USA – all good, some verging on the rude, Here is a list so far (to be updated periodically)

From Dust til Lawn (in Georgia)

The Sodfather

Kiss my Grass Lawncare (again in Georgia)

Major Tom’s Ground Control

Mow Town Landscaping

Marquis de Sod (in Florida)

Oh and an extra piece of information about the Stroud (England) Tree surgery company mentioned in previous EverEdge posts – “Copse and Loggers” – it was set by a man called Hugo who is an ex policeman – hence the name.