Can EverEdge be used to edge ponds?

A few thoughts from Aubrey, our chief salesman on how EverEdge and Ponds can work together.

We are often asked if EverEdge can be used to edge “sculptured” ponds that are sunk into lawns. The simple answer is “Yes”, but with the odd proviso. EverEdge will stop the soil leaching into the pond, but they are magnets to both wildlife and children, so it is best that the top of the EverEdge does not stand proud as it could be painful to paws and small feet and knees. If this is impossible, then we advise that a slim length of matching hose is split down one side and then fitted (and glued) over the exposed edge.

Back to the ponds themselves, it appears that fish have memories! Every morning before taking my seat on the EverEdge sales line, I wander down to my pond, which is about 12 foot by 5 at its widest and 3 foot at its narrowest, to feed them soon after 7.30am. After the Shubunkins had been resident for about 6 weeks, I noticed that they had started to wait for my arrival (I sprinkle the pellets in the same place each day), but wouldn’t take the food while I was in view. And when I bought a couple more Shubunkin, the new additions had learnt the routine within 5 days.

One final observation, bizarre as it may sound, fish don’t seem to like rain! My shubunkin always drift to the bottom of the pond when the rain comes down.

Very rewarding things are fish and you don’t have to walk them, clean up their “poos” or take them to the pub.