25 Years of EverEdge

in 1995 EverEdge produced our first piece of steel lawn edging which was installed in a garden in North Staffordshire.

EverEdge 25 Years

We have been producing EverEdge for over 25 years now and during that time our product range has expanded from just three heights and one colour to 7 heights (75mm to 300mm), 4 thicknesses (1.6mm to 6mm), assorted lengths (one to two and a half metres), 6 colours Brown; slate; black; dark green; unpainted; and Corten (rusty), preformed rings in 5 diameters, 2 colours and 2 heights) and special EasyBeds (in 3 colours) for Vegetable patches. All in all, that is an increase from 3 to over 73 different product lines, most of which we seek to keep in stock.

Not to mention the bespoke planters (large and small) that we make to order and which adorn prestigious developments throughout the UK, you’ll see lots of examples in our Gallery.

Not bad for a family business that started in a porta cabin in the West Midlands, yet now exports to more than 15 countries around the world. And what is more all EverEdge products are still manufactured in the West Mildands.

So, with 25 years of EverEdge in bag, we look forward to what the next 25 years will bring us.