2.5 km of EverEdge installed in the magnificent Kew Gardens

2.5km of EverEdge installed in Kew Gardens


In the spring of this year, over 2,500m of EverEdge Titan Steel Edging were installed on the paths at the world famous Kew Gardens.

Kew Gardens is known around the world for the incredible, in both size and diversity, collection of over 30,000 living specimens. With all the beauty in the gardens and all the scientific research being carried out there is absolutely no reason to look down at what is keeping the paths in order. But, if you do, you will see EverEdge steel edging which was installed because it was a quick and simple solution to creating curved paths.

The edging is deliberately unobtrusive. Painted in a brown finish, it is designed to NOT be seen so, if you don’t see it great!

Anyway, visit Kew Gardens for the beauty, stay for the science and enjoy walking on the paths without even noticing the EverEdge.